Here are my favorite Essential Oil Recipes

The following are some of my go-to Essential oil Recipes and most used Essential oils.

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Daily Immune Blend and Under the Weather Blend

I apply the Immune Blend to the bottom of my feet every morning. Our Immune System is constantly working for us so this gives it some much needed support. Remember, it's about being "pro-active" versus "reactive" when it comes to our health.

If I feel a little run down or come down with something I add Oregano to the Daily Immune Blend to strengthen my Immune System. It is very effective and powerful!

Sinus Steamer

This works like a charm when it comes to relieving Sinus Pain & Pressure. Add the oils to a large mug of steaming water, make a tent with a large towel and close your eyes or the Peppermint will make your eyes water. Oh, and have some Kleenex handy...the flood gates will open! Take some nice deep breaths and let magic happen.

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jet lag remedy-2.png

Jet-lag Remedy

For my fellow Flight Attendants, Aviation Peeps or Frequent Fliers...this is for you!

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The top 10 oils are the foundation to my Natural Medicine Cabinet

These oils support EVERY system in our bodies...therefor I always suggest getting started with a kit that contains these oils so that you will have something to address anything that comes up...whether that be physical or emotional.