Welcome to Salute by K.

I am Kirsten.

Founder of Salute by K

As a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, I believe our bodies have the ability to heal themselves when provided with the proper tools.

Join me as I empower you to take all aspects of your health back into your hands using Holistic Nutrition, Toxic-Free Self-Care Products (for yourself and home), Yoga and the Healing Energies of Crystals…all while traveling the Globe!

My Story

I have been obsessed with eating a healthy diet, yoga and exercising for as long as I can remember.  I was fortunate to have grown up in a small town in Southern Italy where everything I ate was Organic, Seasonal and Local.  We purchased our fish directly from fisherman's boats in our local harbor.  When I came down with something I would run...or scoot I should say, on my scooter, down to my local Herbal Store where I would purchase herbal remedies and tinctures.

From the outside I looked healthy.  On the inside it was a different story.  I battled with an eating disorder that started when I was around thirteen until my late thirties.  I suffered from bouts of depression and panic attacks for years. 

Shortly after I moved to the U.S. the fatigue started setting in followed by chronic bronchitis and my migraines, which I have had my whole life, worsened.  My throat was always sore and my colds would last what seemed to be an eternity.

I enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition Program at Bauman College and soaked up everything I could.  Food as Medicine fascinates me.  I also learned about all the crazy practices that are allowed in the U.S. Food and Cosmetic Industries.  

Around this time was when I started "Salute by K" version one. I still remember writing my very first blog post.  It was about throwing all of my toxic Chanel makeup into the garbage.  I had timed this with the garbage pick-up because I knew that I'd be tempted to go dig my hundreds of dollars worth of cosmetics out of the trash bin.  Here started my quest for clean, chemical-free make-up and personal care products.  Let me tell you that not much was around in 2010 that could even compete with my "luxurious" Chanel, La Mer and La Prairie. 

2012-2016 were a blur.  During this time I left my job as a Flight Attendant for Virgin America and transitioned into Corporate Aviation working as a Flight Attendant on Private Jets.  I also married the man responsible for my move to the United States, the owner of my heart.  It wasn't until I had my second miscarriage that I realized that I was in a state of Adrenal Fatigue.  I'll never forget the Holistic Nurse telling me over the phone: "my dear, you are passed Adrenal Fatigue.  You are in a state of Adrenal Exhaustion".  My Cortisol was flat.  No wonder I felt like I had been hit by a truck when I woke up in the mornings.  The brain fog was horrible.  I had lists upon lists all over the house.  I would enter a room and not know why I was there.  The anxiety was horrible as was the depression.  I had no desire to go anywhere or see anyone...that's kind of hard when you are a Flight Attendant.  I was shaky and light-headed all day, every day due to insulin-resistance which is part of the Adrenal Fatigue package.  I also had a debilitating pain in my shoulder and neck which made it impossible to turn my head, let alone workout.

It has taken me two full years to recover from this.  I have completely eliminated gluten from my diet and am for the most part grain-free.  I take really good supplements.  I eat lots of healthy fats.  I make self-care a priority, daily.  My home is free of toxic "cleaning" products, make-up and self-care products.  The list of harmful ingredients that are banned for use in the US has not been updated since 1938.  Companies that make cleaning products are not required to list all their ingredients on their labels.  These are endocrine disruptors! 

During my journey to recovery I discovered doTERRA's Essential Oils and they have become my Natural Medicine Cabinet.  I use these Essential Oils, a.k.a. "plant medicine" for immune support, energy when needed, sleep, emotional and also physical support.  I no longer have synthetic medicine in my home...not even for my migraines, which I rarely get anymore since eliminating gluten from my diet.

Nowadays I'm finding the balance between my love for flying and my passion for educating and empowering women to take their health back into their hands.  

Follow me for tips and tricks that I have learned from my Holistic Nutrition Studies and over 11 years of flying as a Commercial turned Corporate Flight Attendant that will have you looking and feeling fabulous, whether at home or while traveling this beautiful world.




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I am passionate about food (I was raised in Italy so guess I had no choice here), travel and living a healthy lifestyle.

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doTERRA's Essential Oils are a powerful tool to support all aspects of your health on a daily basis.

Here you will find everything from the basics to my favorite diffuser blends and DIY's.

I will help you reduce the overall toxic load in your home by showing you how to use Essential Oils to support your health, clean your home and also for beauty and skin care.



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If you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle, to feel empowered...and should you fancy it, make an income.

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What people are saying...

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for all good things healthy! Sebastian Bariani, Bariani Olive Oil

I love the Anti-Aging Face Mist! My skin feels softer and the lingering scent is so soothing!

Cynthia E.

When I sit down at the end of the day and put my "Balance" Oil in the diffuser I am placed in the middle of the deep Northern woods of pines. A sense of calm falls over me that brings a soft smile to my face.

Adel E.