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8 Tips to Prevent and Reduce Jet-Lag

8 Tips to Prevent and Reduce Jet-Lag

Secrets from a Flight Attendant

We all know that feeling…it hits you like a ton of bricks around 3:00PM. Your eyes feel like sandpaper and you try to fight, with all your might, the urge to crawl into bed. The same scenario repeats itself in the middle of the night but this time you are WIDE AWAKE. Fun times, I know.

I have been a Flight Attendant for over a decade now (ekkk time flies, no pun intended) and have a few tricks I’ve picked up along the way that I’d like to share with you to help you conquer…okay, minimize your Jet Lag.

  1. Arm Yourself

    With healthy food. What were you thinking?! Pack some healthy snacks for you flight and pass on the uber processed airline food. This will help you feel and look better after your flight. I always make sure I have some fresh fruit and vegetables. This is key as they contain water to keep you hydrated and fiber to keep you regular. Healthy fats to keep your hormones happy and tummy full. A few staples of mine are:

    Persian Cucumbers, Carrots, Avocado, Berries, Pineapple, Sprouted Nuts & Seeds, Dark Chocolate, a few Protein Bars (I loooove Urban Remedy Bars), and Wild Smoked Salmon.

  2. Stay Hydrated

    This means no alcohol or caffeine during your flight. Are you still there? You can enjoy some vino and coffee once you get to your destination if you like but not on your flight. Bring a stainless steel water bottle with you and fill it once you get through airport security. I like to add a few drops of doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil to my water to help with circulation and bloating. To read about how I use my Essential Oils while traveling check out this post here.

    I carry a second stainless steel bottle for my herbal teas and elixirs. Fill is up with hot water, add your goodies and you are set. I like to make my “On the go Elixir” before I get on my flights. It is filled with healthy fats (ghee travels well), collagen for your gut and skin, magnesium-rich cacao, Laird Coconut Creamer and Four Sigmatic Medicinal Mushrooms.

    Pro tip: make sure you are well hydrated before your flight and continue to drink loads of water after you have reached your destination.

  3. Be a BIO-HACKER and embarrass the crap out of the people traveling with you

    How? Wear blue light blocking glasses. My favorite pair is from Swanwick. The LED lighting on planes and in airports is horrible for you and totally messes up your circadian rhythm and melatonin production. I wear them when I’m home or in my hotel room as soon as the sun sets.

  4. Ground yourself

    When you get to your destination find a park where you gan go, take your shoes off and walk around. Ideally when the sun is out. Being exposed to sunlight will help reset your body clock. I know, now I really lost you and you thought the no wine in flight was bad. It’s okay if you think this is woo-woo, I did too not too long ago. By walking on the earth with bare feet, also called Earthing, it’s said that you soak up the earth’s negative charge, which reduces inflammation, improves sleep, normalizes stress hormones, improves immune response, and and leaves you feeling more refreshed. It can’t hurt…plus it’s FREE so give it a try.

  5. Move

    Move your body. It doesn’t have to be an intense workout. A vigorous 30 minute walk will do or perhaps a Yoga Flow or Pilates session. This will get the lymph going, improve your energy and mood.

  6. Infrared Sauna

    Seek out an Infrared Sauna. Do your research before you reach your destination. If you can’t find one then you will have to settle for a regular Sauna. If you are lucky your hotel will have one and you won’t have to go too far. A Sauna will help you detoxify from the EMF radiation and toxins we are exposed to while flying.

  7. Take a Bath

    Pack a small ziplock bag with some Epsom Salts and bring some Lavender or AromaTouch Essential Oil with you and add a few drops to your bath. Epsom Salts are rich in minerals that will help your body relax, get your lymph moving and detox from toxins.

  8. Make a Cave

    …out of your hotel room. Make it cold and make it dark. This will give you a better night sleep and speed your recovery. Back in my Commercial Flight Attendant days I used to love flying redeyes (horrible for your health, I know. Ignorance is bliss). This meant day sleeping. I would use the clamps on hangars to close the shades in my hotel rooms so that non a peep of light would come through. Don’t forget to cover the light coming from your alarm clock!

    Pro tip: Wake up and go to sleep in the time zone you're in asap.

Jet Lag Recovery Tips from a Flight Attendant

Jet Lag Recovery Tips from a Flight Attendant

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