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As a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, I believe our bodies have the ability to heal themselves when provided with the proper tools.

Join me as I empower you to take all aspects of your health back into your hands using Holistic Nutrition, Essential Oils and Crystal Energy Healing.

Rough Seas

Rough Seas

Peppermint Essential Oil.  I have a new respect for this guy!  On our speed boat ride back to Athens from the island of Sifnos we had really rough seas due to the strong winds.  Typical for the month of August.
Over half the people in our seating area got sick...really sick.
There was a French girl, who looked to be around 12 years old, lying down on a bench in front of me who was terribly queasy.  I whipped out my peppermint touch oil (the one ready for topical use) and gave it to her mom and told her to put it on her daughters pulses, behind her ears and chest.

Within 20 minutes I saw her improve drastically.  She was no longer sweaty and clammy looking. When her Papa came to check on her she smiled and had him smell her wrists.
My heart melted.
Her mom told me that they had tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING worked for their daughter who suffers when in cars, trains, boats and planes.
There was a Swiss girl sitting next to me in the same condition.  I applied the oil to her as well.  I even lifted her t-shirt and applied it to her belly button area.  She probably thought I was crazy but was too ill to protest.  Slowly but surely she came around.  She thanked me profusely and when we arrived in Athens she told her sister that I saved her life.  Having suffered from motion sickness on airplanes before (yes, it happens to flight attendants too), I know how horrible it is!⠀⠀

I am so grateful to have these 100% natural tools and to be able to share them with others.
I ended up giving my Peppermint Touch to the French girl as they were renting a car in Athens and driving home.  Her eyes lit up when I gave it to her and it brought tears to my eyes.

Another doTERRA Essential Oil win!

What I am listening to now...Favorite Podcasts

What I am listening to now...Favorite Podcasts