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June Obsessions: New Crystal & Oil Blend

June Obsessions: New Crystal & Oil Blend

Earlier this month, husband in tow to prevent me from loosing control, I went to a Crystal Show.  These events can be a bit overwhelming.  Lots of energy and beautiful crystals can make ones head spin.  This was my strategy: 1. Circle the room to see and feel what is there and what calls out to you. 2. Step away, take a break and let it all sink in. 3. Circle back around, this time stopping to connect with the crystals that stood out.  They say that you don't choose crystals, they choose you.  This is so very true.  I left the event with some new beauties, and yes, so did the hubby!  It was so interesting to see how different the crystals are that we both choose. 

One of the crystals that went home with me that day was Heulandite.  I had never seen nor heard of this stone before but I just knew that it had to come with me.  As soon as I got home I pulled out all of my crystal books and started reading about this beauty.

According to Judy Hall, Heulandite is an excellent stone for moving on, it takes you back into the past to release negative emotions and change ingrained habits or behavior, replacing these with openness to new ways and exciting possibilities!  It is associated with the element of Wind, hello Vata!  Chakras: Heart, Third Eye and Crown.

The Oils: Siberian Fir, Clary Sage and Tangerine. I cannot seem to get enough of this diffuser blend this month and I find it works well alongside Heulandite.

Siberian Fir, the oil of Aging & Perspective.  This oil brings comfort, forgiveness, perspective, and wisdom.  It encourages us to live in the present and to be adaptable as we progress through life and each new chapter.  Siberian Fir offers steady energy through periods of change and adjustment and assists us when hopes and aspirations need to be realigned  to the realities of the present moment.  Powerful stuff!

Clary Sage, the oil of Clarity & Vision.  One of the best oils for the Third Eye Chakra!  Clary Sage assists individuals in changing their perceptions.  It gives us courage to see the truth and encourages us to remain open to new ideas and perspectives.  Clary Sage invites individuals to expand  their vision and accept the reality of the spiritual world.

Tangerine, the oil of Cheer & Creativity.  When feeling overburdened by responsibilities, stifled creativity, duty-bound, and overworked turn to this oil.  Tangerine's uplifting vibration encourages us to be spontaneous and invites us to make room for creativity and joy.  

I hope you enjoy this blend as much as I do! 


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