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3 Healthy Bay Area Foodies to Follow

3 Healthy Bay Area Foodies to Follow

I am so excited to share with you three of my favorite San Francisco Bay Area Foodies.  I have been obsessed with healthy eating for as long as I can much so that when I moved to the U.S.A. I enrolled in a Holistic Nutrition Consultant Program at Bauman College in Berkeley where I learned all about why eating a traditional, seasonal and organic diet is fundamental for our health.  Here I was also introduced to the concept of bio-individuality.  As Lucretius once said: "One Man's food is another Man's Poison".  

Recently I have been diving into Ayurveda, the ancient system of traditional medicine developed in India, which emphasizes a balance of three elemental energies called "doshas".  According to   Ayurveda each person possesses a unique combination of doshas, and that, accordingly, has unique dietary and other needs that must be met in order to attain the proper balance for health and longevity.  I digress, as usual.

 I was raised in Southern Italy so needless to say food is a big part of my life and I love showing people how eating healthy can be oh-so-rewarding for your palate as well as for your health.  These three beauties do just that, each with their own individual style and passion for healthy, delicious food.

First up is Cory Starbird. You can find her over on instagram as "clementine.starbird".  Cory, a former Wildlife Biologist, has been interested in healthy eating since she was about 12 years old.  She has been lactose intolerant since childhood and was diagnosed with a wheat allergy about 11 years ago.  Cory has had to learn how to cook sans wheat or dairy.  This "Matcha Latte Queen" does an amazing job at creating both healthy and delicious food! Her photos are gorgeous!

Salima Taplin's instagram "salted cashew_sf" and blog will have you drooling in no time.  This gorgeous San Francisco native embarked on an anti-inflammatory diet in hopes of helping her mom who is living with Alzheimer’s (you have my heart, girl).  “My mother is the real inspiration for Salted Cashew.  I truly believe in the healing power of food and how diet can improve the lives of people who live with a degenerative disease.”  Salima's blog is full of inspirational recipes and I absolutely love following her San Francisco restaurant outings on instagram.

Last but definitely not least is Beatrice Meredo, a fellow Italian!  Beatrice is a Personal Chef and Caterer who specializes in local, seasonal, organic and gluten-free (yay!) food.  Knowing where her food comes from is important to her.  Beatrice strongly believes "we are what we eat".  You can find this talented chef shopping at local farmers markets or working at Cuesa's events and farmers market.  Her instagram handle is "bmerry". 

My Story

My Story

Eastern's all natural and affordable!

Eastern's all natural and affordable!