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I am Kirsten.

Founder of Salute by K 

As a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, I believe our bodies have the ability to heal themselves when provided with the proper tools.

Join me as I empower you to take all aspects of your health back into your hands using Holistic Nutrition, Essential Oils and Crystal Energy Healing.

April Healthy Lifestyle Reboot

April Healthy Lifestyle Reboot

April is here and I'm so excited!  The days are longer, flowers are blooming and summer vacation seems to be within arms reach.  This means bikini season is almost here!  If you are like me this might cause some panic. Thank goodness we have lots of tools and a fun Challenge to help get us into shape.  For the first time, doTERRA is running an amazing ‘Daily Health Habits Challenge!’ before you know it, you are going to be feeling amazing from the inside out! And while every system in your body receives an upgrade, you will also have the opportunity to participate in daily challenges and win prizes! 

The challenge runs April 15 - May 13. To participate, you will need the following products: 
✔️ Lifelong Vitality
✔️ TerraZyme
✔️ PB Assist+
✔️ Deep Blue Rub (can sub with Deep Blue Oil)
✔️ Balance Blend
✔️ A Citrus oil (Recommended: Grapefruit, Lemon, Tangerine)
✔️ Frankincense
✔️ Lavender (or Serenity Blend)
✔️ On Guard

Daily Healthy habits.png



If you don’t have all of these products, doTERRA has created the following new collection that contains all of these products at a reduced price! Even if you have a few of these items - it would be smart to purchase this collection for the savings. 





Daily Health Habits Kit
Item: 60204961
Wholesale: $185.00
PV: 150

NOTE: If you don't have a wholesale account yet, enroll with the 'Intro Booklet' and then add this collection (60204961) to your cart at the wholesale price. ✨ BONUS for those that enrol this month - you will receive 50 FREE product points to cash in on a future order! CLICK HERE to setup your account or HERE to learn more.

You will want to order your products by April 5th to ensure you have everything you need in time!


Here are the simple steps to participate once you have the products:
✔️ Post a picture of your Health Habits Collection to doTERRA's Social Media Pages using this hashtag: #productofdoterra

✔️ Download the tracker: I will email it to you as soon as you order your kit! 

✔️ Plan to answer the Daily Challenge Questions posted to the doTERRA Facebook Page

✔️ Post image of your finished tracker using the hashtag #productofdoterra

Winners will be announced by doTERRA after the contest! Who is joining me?

Simply Delicious

Simply Delicious

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles