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The 5-Minute Brownie

The 5-Minute Brownie

People that are on the road to a healthy lifestyle, often times detour from the “good road” because they miss something sweet.  This recipe will change all that.  It is fast.  It is easy.  And best of all, it is “rich and chocolatey”!


What if I told you that you could make a delicious brownie in 5 minutes using only four ingredients? Made with just fruit, nuts, and pure cacao, this treat is nutritionally on par with a natural energy bar.


Cacao is rich in anti-oxidants, magnesium and minerals such as iron and calcium.

Dates are one of the best natural sources of potassium. They are also full of dietary fiber, iron, vitamin A, magnesium, and many B vitamins.

I usually make a double batch and leave half at home for my husband and take the other half with me on my work trips. They sustain me when I don’t have time to eat or when I am in random locations where healthy food is not easy to find.


Makes 12 Squares


1 cup packed soft Medjool dates (about 10-11), pits removed

1 cup raw walnut pieces

½ cup cacao powder

pinch of sea salt

1 TBS -1/2 cup cacao nibs (depending on how much crunch you like)


Place walnuts in a food processor and grind for a couple seconds to form course flour. While the machine is running, add pitted dates, cacao powder and salt, processing until a moist, crumb-like dough has formed. Depending on the natural moisture of the dates, you may need to add a drop or two of water, a teaspoon at a time, to get the crumbs to stick when pinched together.


Spread the crumbs into an 8x8-inch pan, sprinkle with cacao nibs, and press firmly into a solid brownie layer. Cut into bite-size squares and serve. You could also press and roll the brownie dough into small balls to make brownie bites.


*Recipe from Julie Morris, Superfood Kitchen


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