Why join me?


You will receive ongoing education and support.  I will guide you on your oil journey teaching you the basics, how to blend and diffuse and provide all the necessary tools to make incorporating doTERRA's Essential Oils into your life easy for you.



You will have access to an exclusive, private online international community.  I have made some incredible friendships along the way and continue to do so.


You get me as your FREE Coach!

You will have full access to me via email and voxer.

I will help create a Health Plan tailored to your budget, needs and goals.


Monthly Team Giveaways & Goodies

You will receive a custom 'Welcome Package' and you will also be entered into a monthly raffle for free products!


Business Mentoring & Support

I had zero intent on creating a business with doTERRA... However, I fell in love with these powerful bottles of light, with the company and sharing all that I was learning and experiencing with others.  One thing led to the next and here I am empowering others to take their health into their own hands, educating and mentoring.  

It has been incredibly rewarding on so many levels! This is what you can expect should you join my Business Tribe:

  • Connection and access to our private oily community
  • Resources and a private one on one new membership consult with me
  • Access to my 90 day guide to create massive momentum when building a doTERRA business (optional)
  • Video chats with our leaders to share ideas/mentoring
  • Our generous compensation plan
  • Weekly, biweekly or monthly mentoring calls (depending on need)



My goal is to EMPOWER you with easy, effective and safe natural health remedies.

I will help you eliminate toxic items from your home, from your mainstream laundry detergent to your skin care line.

I will help you save money in the process and create an income or business, should this interest you.

        Let's connect!

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