Relief ~ head & neck support

Relief ~ head & neck support


Soothe tense, achy head, neck and shoulder with this blend.


Regenerating, Uplifting and Stimulating

This oil has anti-inflammatory  and antispasmodic properties. it is my go-to oil for Adrenal Fatigue.


This oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that will help melt away any physical and mental tension. 


Adaptive, Invigorating and Cooling

A must when address muscle tension and stiffness, headaches and lack of energy and focus.


Calming, Regenerating and Healing

The Oil of Communication & Calm, Lavender oil will help soothe and calm your nervous system.


Refreshing, Cooling and Clearing

This oil is a stimulant and improves brain function. Emotionally it moves you from a state of Confusion to being Open-Minded.

Rosemary is beneficial to those struggling with mental, Adrenal and on-going Fatigue.

Apply this blend to pulse points, temples, across forehead. Apply to palms and cup hands over your nose...take a few long deep breaths and allow for this blend to work its magic.

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