Clear ~ Respiratory Support

Clear ~ Respiratory Support


Stuffy nose, congested...I know, it's no fun. I have a blend of some some of my favorite Respiratory Support oils to help you get through this! 


Enlivening, Fresh, Clearing

Top uses: congestion, inflammation in the lungs, supports the immune system, relieves runny nose, cough, night sweats and ear discomfort.


Powerful, Cleansing, Resolving

With its antibacterial and decongestant properties this oil will help you get rid of your cold and sinus pressure.


This oil is "all things soothing" and just what you will want when you are feeling under the weather.


This bright and powerful oil will help open up your airways and relieve any pressure caused by "head colds".


Energizing & Purifying

Not only will this oil support your respiratory system but it will also be of incredible support to your mood. I'm guessing you could use some cheering up right now. xo, K.

Apply this blend over the bridge of your nose, sinuses, and chest often. Apply to your palms and cup over your nose. Close your eyes and inhale. 



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